The mission of our schooling system , is for our future generation to receive an outstanding education as well as solid foundation in Islamic Studies. With the Academic Excellence, our children will be able to cope with ever changing life in United States Of America and with Islam as the ultimate premise, their decision will always guide them toward the path of Allah(swt).

The Beginning:

Meraj Pre School  program sets the foundation for our child’s future educational experience with total love and tenderness.  The environment of Meraj Pre-school is one of care and cooperation among the faculty, students and parents.  The pre-school provides a mentally stimulating environment for its young beginners. Their day consist of Academic, Religious Studies, Arts & Crafts and of course play time.

Kindergarten & Elementary:

Meraj Academy our Elementary School now has opened its doors for up to Eighth Grade. Since its existence of only seventh years, Al-hamdulillah Meraj Academy has grown three fold. The reasons for our continuous success and growth lies with following reasons.

School Philosophy To provide an affordable education system without compromising the quality.
Teaching Staff We at Meraj Academy, strongly believe that the backbone of any educational institute depends on its teaching staff. With this in mind our teachers go through a very extensive  background check, Academic Qualifications, Teaching Experience, Moral Values and Dedication t our children.
Most important – ISLAM Meraj Academy is very proud of their achievement in creating an Islamic environment,   Meraj Academy offers complete curriculum in Islamic Education which includes, History, Quranic Recitation and Arabic Language for better understanding  of Quran.
Academic Excellence Our entire curriculum is designed to excel our children and bring out the best in them. The emphasis of our education is on Mathematics, Science, Reading with total understading. Our continuous policy to offer a technological edge to our children so they can be competitive in a rapidly changing business society in America. Meraj Academy has created a highly sophisticated Computer Laboratory geared toward academic and hands on experience.  

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