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Getting Involved

Now that students are progressing through this New Year, what is the next step parents can take to help their children succeed?  Get involved.

Top Five Ways Parents can Help Children Succeed

        Have children attend school daily.  Even though students can make up missed work, there is no substitute for being present for instruction.

        Designate a place for studying or reading.  Routine is important.  Make it a habit to dedicate a time daily for homework or reading. 

        Take time to keep in touch with teachers.  Visit with your child's teacher more than twice a year for student conferences.  Teachers appreciate your interest.

        Teach your child behavior character.  Children need to know what is acceptable social behavior is.  Children will grow up in a world where there are consequences for unlawful behavior.  Give them a head start.

        Communicate with your child everyday.  Ask your child about his/her day at work.  Be present in the conversation.  Children need to know you are listening and care about what they say.