Our financial aid program is privately funded and does not rely on any government program. We stricltly fund our financial aid students from the private funds received by the private donors. All the information is kept confidential. Furthermore, we rely on the Trust system between the respective individuals and Allah (SWT).

Our tuition is one of the lowest tuitions in the United States. Therefore, we ask any applicant to review their own financials and change their spending habbits and priorities in life to provide their children with the Academic Excellence they deserve based on a Strong Islamic Foundation walhamdullah.

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Adnaan Rahman Scholarship


Alhamdullah, with the blessing of Allah (SWT), we are offering a scholarship this year called "Adnan Rahman" Scholarship. This scholarship is funded by one individual who wanted to maintain himself annonymous.

Biography on Adnaan Rahman:

Adnaan passed away last year (2010) 2 days before Ramadan at the age of 17 in a Chicago suburb in a violent car accident.  He was on his way back from the masjid with a friend who was driving his father's sports car and the car lost control and fell into a ditch and burst into flames.  Both boys who were childhood friends and had gone to the Islamic Foundation School in Villa Park, a school very similar to Me'raj Academy, died in that accident. 

Adnaan had moved to his local public school after a few years at Islamic Foundation but was still friends with all his old classmates at that school.  He was going to be a Senior at Naperville High School in a few weeks.  He was very popular at his high school as he was the typical All American kid- very good at his studies and excellent at sports.  The entire school was shocked and there was an outpouring number of people of all faiths at his burial.  In fact, the Sheik at Villa Park mosque commented that this was the largest funeral prayer he had led in his many years there and it had to be performed outdoors as there were too many people.  The school teachers and students set up a service at the local church and invited the family to attend this service.  We were amazed at the expression of emotions and stories that were presented in that service.  Everyone spoke about how Adnaan had touched their lives.  His teachers spoke about how he was particular about his religious practices and how he would request them to allow him to do his salat in their offices.  He was a very good wrestler and football player and on the school teams and his coaches talked about his dedication and determination, as to how even in Ramadan while fasting, he would never ask for a break and would be there for all practices and games.  Even the family was amazed at this young man's stories.  Sometimes we find out about our kids from outsiders and are surprised as to their Imaan and taqwa.  He was a very active volunteer at his local mosque and would attend all the youth camps the masjid would organize.  In short, he lived a very balanced life as an American Muslim.  Very popular amongst his American peers but very firm about his beliefs and religious practices.  In fact the entire school knew about his eating practices of halal and only things that Adnaan would eat were served at the Church Service.  It was a very touching and moving moment for all of us as Muslims when the Church pastor stopped the service at Maghrib time and made arrangements for us to pray.  He simply said Adnaan would have done this. 

To apply for this scholarship students must :

Write a small passage as to why you think you should be given the scholarship and as to how you can emulate Adnaan values and principles of life as an American Muslim.

Students must fill out the application form.


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